African Women in GIS Mentoring Programme
COHORT 4 Applications are now closed

African Women in GIS Mentoring Programme

Mentorship is a recognized method for encouraging professional development. African Women in GIS launched this mentoring program to support and bring together women interested in growing and developing skills for a geospatial career. Our mentoring program provides a structured mentee-mentor pair and peer-to-peer mentoring model with the aim to build strong relationships and attain professional development. It also creates a new way to support African women to develop their careers in GIS.

This 4th cohort is set to be project-based, where a mentee is expected to submit a project at the end of the program. It will last for a period of 6 months, from May to October 2022.


Here are some randomly selected thoughts from members

Learn unlimited GIS I believe in the saying love what you do until you do what you love .It is very important to build a network of relationships in the field of geographic information systems to benefit from many experiences.

Shimaa khaled

Bachelor of Arts _ BA, survey, maps, GIS and Remote sensing, Mansoura university

My love for GIS started in my fourth year at the University when I went on a field trip to map Omo forest reserve in Nigeria. I realized that the climate is changing and one of the tools to solving this issue is with the use of GIS.

Damilola Kezia Akindele

Master's Student of Geo Information Science., Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands.

My love for Geospatial is inspired by its versatility. I believe I can make a difference in my society with just GIS

Birungi Patience

Professional Land surveyor and GIS analyst, ZWE Consulting Ltd

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