Shimaa khaled - African Women in GIS

Shimaa khaled

GIS Analyst / Remote sensing

Bachelor of Arts _ BA, survey, maps, GIS and Remote sensing, Mansoura university

Joined 4 months ago


I improve my self every day. 

I took online courses from esri 

I took online courses on coursera from California university and I 'm taking online courses from Toronto currently .

I did work my graduation project.

My graduation project was about Changes in the sea shore line of the Rashid area using remote sensing technology and geographic information systems in the period from 1990 to 2021

I'm taking python currently.

I'm took Database online course in mahara_tek (iti)





Learn unlimited GIS I believe in the saying love what you do until you do what you love .It is very important to build a network of relationships in the field of geographic information systems to benefit from many experiences.

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