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We are an online community that gives African women the freedom to create connections, gain mentors, learn new skills, access courses, and get job-related advice and opportunities.

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We are African!

Our members are African women in the field of GIS all around World! You can click on the map of a country to see members from that country or click on one of the countries with the largest members below.


We are a growing community of changemakers

African women
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We come together in groups to discuss the state of the map. Here are some programes coming up as scheduled.

Meet the Founders

We are grateful to the following people for having the vision and doing something about it!

Cyhana Lena Williams

UX Researcher , Microsoft


A UX Researcher with background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) focused on Geo-business.  

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Members corner

Here are some randomly selected thoughts from members

Believe yourself and u'll be 💫❤

Hanaa Mustafa

Student, Banha University

Learn unlimited GIS I believe in the saying love what you do until you do what you love .It is very important to build a network of relationships in the field of geographic information systems to benefit from many experiences.

Shimaa khaled

Bachelor of Arts _ BA, survey, maps, GIS and Remote sensing, Mansoura university

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Act Now!

Maha Kamal

GIS Consultant, Edge-Pro For Information Systems

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