Damilola Kezia Akindele - African Women in GIS

Damilola Kezia Akindele

GIS Analyst

Master's Student of Geo Information Science., Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands.

Joined 10 months ago

Damilola Akindele is currently a Master's Student of Geo information Science at Wageningen University and Research. She possess great knowledge in spatial modelling & Statistics, machine learning and also the use of R , Erdas Imagine and Netlogo softwares for image analysis, image processing and data simulations.

She is interested in jobs related to Agricultural and land use monitoring with the use of Geo spatial data.


My love for GIS started in my fourth year at the University when I went on a field trip to map Omo forest reserve in Nigeria. I realized that the climate is changing and one of the tools to solving this issue is with the use of GIS.

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