Linda Ochwada - African Women in GIS

Linda Ochwada

GeoData Analyst | Tech Evangelist | Researcher

GeoAI Researcher, Germany University

Joined 2 years ago


I am a geodata analyst interested in GeoAI, project (Project management) and innovation.  As a Geodata analyst, it is easy for me to see the relationship and importance of information technology and its multiple applications.  I also like applying my problem-solving skills to technology.

I want to spend my knowledge on spatial data analysis and GeoAI to be able to make critical contributions to projects intended for the development and creation of innovative solutions.  I’m also interested in research, learning new programs, and working in a fast-paced environment.  I believe in continuously challenging myself to improve my talents and skills.

In addition to the above skills am a Tech evangelist, I find joy talking about technology; my goal is to raise awareness and generate credibility in Tech (especially AI),I deliver tech content through social media, webinars, forum, meetups, newspapers, testimonials, conferences e.t.c  (focusing on Tech audience).

I am goal and mission-oriented in my work on geospatial and technology.  Being open to new challenges is vital, as is continual education, to keep up with rapidly advancing technology.

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